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Pamela Shingler

hurch of the Wisdom of God

Penelope Corlett

Commissioning a painting

You can commission a painting from any of the artists listed on this page which shows a selection of styles and subjects. We will put you directly in touch with the artist where you can discuss the options and prices directly..

Penelope Corlett. Penny particulary likes commissions for houses and animals.

Celia Di Massimo. Celia does portraits, animals and land / sea scapes. Check her website via the links page.

Verity Walsgrove. Verity can produce paintings in your own colour schemes and media choice. View her site via our links page.

Ann Stringer. Ann specialises in portraits, collage and mixed media. She is also available to run workshops. See her website via our links page.

Celia Di Massimo - Man in a turban Verity Walgrsgrove Oranges and Lemons, Oil, height Verity Darby -Blue, acrylic ink on canvas P Corlett 4 P Corlett 2 Ann Stringer 5 (Small) P Corlett Stanley A Stringer portrait of john- sold A. Stringer Sophie Contempt Chase me